Graduation Requirements


Fifty-four Semester credits are required for graduation. All stduents are required to carry a minimum of fourteen credits per school year -- seven each semester. To maintain satisfactory progress toward graduation, students should have completed the following:

9th grade: 14 credits
10th grade: at least 25 credits
11th grade: at least 36 credits

The following credits, per department, are required to graduate:

  • 8 semester credits of English
  • 8 semester credits of Religion
  • 6 semester credits of Social Studies
  • 6 semester credits of Science
  • 6 semester credits of Mathematics
  • 2 semester credits of Physical Education
  • 1 semester credit of Health
  • 1 semester credit of Fine Arts
  • 4 semesters of a World Language
  • 12 semester credits of elective courses


College Requirements

Colleges have a wide range of admission requirements. Therefore, it is advisable to check with Totino-Grace School Counseling Services and/or the college of your choice for specific requirements. School Counseling Services can help students learn the specific requirements for the college they plan to attend or the course of study they plan to follow. We encourage students to take advantage of the many resources located in School Counseling Services.

Many colleges in Minnesota and surrounding states recommend at aminimum:

  • Three years of Science
    At least one year each of a biological science and a physical science. Both must include laboratory experiences. Chemistry and Physics are considered physical sciences.
  • Three to Four years of Mathematics
    Most schools require at least three years of math consisting of two years of Algebra and one year of Geometry.  The University of Minnesota, however, now requires four years of math for students seeking admission in fall, 2015.  Generally, selective colleges and universities require four years of math.
  • Four years of English
    This should include both literature and writing courses.
  • Three years of Social Studies
    This should include one year each of U.S. History and Geography. The geography requirement is fulfilled by taking Global Studies & Geography that includes a geography component.
  • Two years of a single World Language
  • One year of Visual and/or Performing Arts 


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