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College Co-Registration

Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are designed to meet the needs of our most capable and highly motivated students by providing a more rigorous and challenging curriculum.  Honors and AP courses are more demanding in effort and time than standard courses, and follow a weighted grading system.  Material in these courses is covered in greater depth and complexity and at an accelerated rate.  Each academic department determines its own criteria for enrollment in an Honors or AP course, as well as establishes a grade requirement for continuation in the course.

Honors Courses

Totino-Grace offers 18 Honors courses in English, Mathematics, Music, Religion, Science and World Language. Honors and AP courses are similar to one another in academic rigor, but different from one another in that the AP courses follow a prescribed curriculum dictated by the College Board.

AP Courses and College Credit

Totino-Grace offers 14 AP courses and exams in Art, English, Math, Science, Social Studies and World Language.  AP courses give students the opportunity to pursue college-level studies while still in high school and to receive advanced placement and credit upon entering college.  More information on AP courses and AP exams may be found at www.collegeboard.com.

Each spring, the College Board offers students across the country the opportunity to take AP exams.  Students receive a score of 1-5 on each exam; a score of 3 or higher may qualify them for college credit, advanced placement, or both in the subject area.  Each college and university has its own policy on whether or not to accept AP exam scores for credit or placement. 

According to the College Board’s brochure entitled, Frequently Asked Questions about the AP Program, “an AP experience that culminates in an exam grade of 3 or higher has a significant impact on a student’s likelihood of college success.  Simply said, a high-quality AP course in high school does an excellent job of fortifying students for a successful transition into the battery of college courses they’ll experience in their first semester at college.” (3)

College Co-Registration

Students may earn college credit through St. Mary’s University of Minnesota for successful completion of certain high school courses.  Through St. Mary’s Program for Advanced College Credit (PACC), students may earn 3 or 4 college credits per course. College credits earned are recognized by St. Mary’s University, as well as many other institutions.  College policies vary in regard to transfer credit, but usually colleges will accept courses in which students earned a C or above that are good matches for those they would have taken on that campus. The cost of a PACC credit is $60, so a three-credit class will be $180.  St. Mary’s requires payment for courses to be made in full at the beginning of the semester in which they are taken. Totino-Grace will assist students in the registration process.  More information on the PACC program is available at www.smumn.edu/pacc.

Courses at Totino-Grace in which students may earn college credit are Honors Introduction to Theology (3 credits), Honors Calculus (4 credits), College Prep Writing (3 credits), and AP Spanish Language (3 credits).

Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) is a state program for juniors and seniors that allows them to enroll in courses at eligible colleges and universities for both high school and college credit.  Students must meet the requirements of the post-secondary institution they wish to attend, as determined by the college or university.  Students considering the option are expected to be responsible, motivated, and independent learners.

Please Note: Due to Totino-Grace’s rotating schedule, students are required to enroll in PSEO course(s) after the TG academic day. Special permission must be obtained from an Academic Administrator if a student requests to take a PSEO course during the TG academic day. In those instances, changes in a TG schedule, to accommodate PSEO, will be made only if there is room in classes.

Students must apply by the annual May 30 deadline for enrollment in PSEO courses for the following school year and work with a Totino-Grace Counselor during this enrollment process. A PSEO Student TG Agreement form is required for all requests to be considered. For more information, contact the School Counseling Department.

Totino-Grace will accept post-secondary credits for graduation under the following circumstances:   

  • All required courses must be taken at Totino-Grace. Only elective courses taken through PSEO are counted for credit at Totino-Grace. Generally, a three credit college course will earn a student one high school semester credit.

  • A maximum of four high school elective credits taken in the PSEO program will be counted toward a Totino-Grace diploma.

  • The PSEO credits counted toward graduation must be taken for a letter grade (not Pass-Fail).

  • Credits will be reported on the student’s high school transcript and figured into the GPA on a 4.0 scale.  

  • The combination of Totino-Grace and PSEO credits must meet our seven credits per semester minimum.

  • Any needed TG schedule changes must be made by the first Eagle Round-Up session (early August).

  • All other graduation requirements (e.g., retreat, graduation fee, etc.) will be required of PSEO participants.

  • For each high school semester credit taken through PSEO, tuition may be reduced 5% if parents make a request to the Totino-Grace Business Office.  Financial aid will be reduced by the same amount.

Students are required to turn in a signed copy of the PSEO contract to be considered for PSEO. Click HERE for a printable copy of the PSEO contract.

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