Fitness Center

Fitness Center Philosophy and Beliefs 

It is the philosophy and the intent of Totino-Grace High School to provide its community with the best possible fitness program. The Fitness Center will be utilized to promote physical fitness and well being of the student body as well as the community.

The fitness center staff shall work cooperatively with coaches, teachers, and groups that are interested in the promotion and development of programs using the Fitness Center. The first priority for usage of the Fitness Center lies with our students. The Center was constructed with this primary purpose in mind.  

The Fitness Coordinator shall be responsible for establishing rules and procedures for the effective and efficient use of the Fitness Center. Curriculum and program offerings shall be established to meet the needs of our students as well as the community needs. Rules, regulations and guidelines shall be established to assure the safe and appropriate use of the facility.


Partnership with ETS Performance

Totino-Grace High School has partnered with ETS Performance, founded by Ryan Englebert. ETS aims to provide unmatched speed, power, deceleration, energy system development, movement, and performance mastery training for serious athletes who are fully committed to maximizing their genetic, physical, and psychological potential.

Since 2010, ETS has developed, implemented and successfully proven several unique systems of training that have delivered unmatched results for thousands of youth, high school, collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes worldwide. These systems have been created through years of extensive research by combining unique ETS methods & philosophies with specific synergistic components from other world-renowned performance specialists. The unique systems of training that ETS provides are customized and easily implemented for any athlete or client regardless of age, sport or ability level. Since 2010 ETS has produced over 300 Division I and Division II Athletes from the various sports; football, hockey, basketball, softball, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, swimming along with hundreds of other Division III athletes.

Click HERE to visit the ETS Performance website to learn more about the organization, staff, and programs offered at the North Central location at Totino-Grace.


Athletic Team and Individual Fitness Programs

If you are interested in establishing a fitness routine or program for yourself or your athletic team, please contact Director of Operations for ETS North Central at Totino-Grace and Lead Performance Specialist, Sylvia Braaten at

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