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About the 2017-18 Theme

Each summer, Totino-Grace Student Ministers - juniors and seniors committed to being faith leaders in our school community - select a theme for the coming school year based on the lives of one of our founders.  For the 2017-18 school year, we focus on the life of our foundress Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger.  

"United and Content with little, we go out into the whole world...because love cannot wait." 

The School Sisters of Notre Dame are called and sent to address the divisions in our world and church today with audacity and hope.  As teachers, administrators, pastoral and social outreach ministers, health care personnel, spiritual directors, attorneys, chaplains and missionaries, they focus on the needs of women, youth and persons who are poor or marginalized.  Integral to their gospel commitment is their work for justice, peace, and the integrity of creation.  They believe that education can transform lives and societies.  
In a world filled with many challenges and celebrations, we are thankful for the presence of God in our daily lives.  We look to the sisters as women of inspiration to be both courageous and daring in our quest to love our neighbors and live a life of the Gospels.  Like Christ, we seek not to limit our love and mercy; rather in all ways we can move from division to solidarity, from polarizing to unifying. 

Can we like Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger be bold disciples of our faith?

In what amazing ways will our TG community courageously love this school year?

We are excited to share our theme this school year with the hope of challenging ourselves to be a people who pray intentionally and without hesitation, people who serve selflessly as a celebration of our common humanity, and people who act wisely for the betterment of our community...because love cannot wait. 


Theme Prayer

God who loves us, 

We give Thanks
For your presence in all the moments of our day.
   For the unrelenting joy and support we receive from You
     in both our celebrations and struggles. 
   For Your companionship which shapes us, guides us
     and transforms us.

We are Inspired
By the goodness we find in us, and in all those around us. 
   By the risk takers who bring the Gospel to life,
     by striving for peace, justice, and unity. 
   By those who are models of Christ's love for the world. 

We find Courage
To embrace conversation, reconciliation, and healing
     in all our relationships. 
   To go beyond ourselves to recognize the neglected,
     vulnerable, and marginalized in our world. 
   To be bold disciples of our faith.

Through your blessings may we dare to pray, dare to serve,
and dare to act...because Love cannot wait.  





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