Engineering Institute Capstone Exhibition 

E3 students share the culmination of their capstone projects and the extensive work conducted throughout the summer and first semester during a capstone exhibition and presentation session each spring. The 2018 event will take place on Sunday, March 25, from 3:00 - 5:30 p.m. at Totino-Grace High School. Summaries of their projects are outlined below. The annual Capstone Exhibition is free and open to the public.


Class of 2018 E3 Capstone Summaries 


Curb the Heat  - Isabel Benson & Jackson Solien

Curb the Heat is a box created to control the temperature of items left in a vehicle, such as makeup, food or medicine. The device is battery-powered and coded with an Arduino. The temperature is regulated using peltier devices, a small temperature plate that heats on one side and cools on the other.                                                         

Quick Find Arrows  - Mark Berger & Zach Clausing

Archers have been losing arrows for thousands of years. Quick-Find Arrows brings archery hunting into the 21st century with a device to track arrows via bluetooth and a smartphone app.                                          

CDN Heated Grip  - Ben Cran, Ryan Nguyen & Louis Dobbelmann  

CDN Heated Grip is an attachable and detachable grip for a fishing rod that heats the user's hands during cold weather fishing.            

Mailox  - Saji  Fernandes & Patrick Kaiser

Mailox is an automated locking mailbox designed to stay true to the convenience of the mail system while also providing a greater degree of protection from theft. It features a locking mechanism that allows access only to the homeowners and the mail delivery person.                                                                      

Smart Socket  - Katelyn Gasperlin, Lexi Serreyn & Adriana Knox

The Smart Socket is an automatic tightening and loosening prosthetic. Pressure sensors detect a shrunken or swollen limb then activate a stepper motor which tightens or loosens until the ideal pressure of the socket against the limb, as set by the user, has returned.                                                     

Lacrosse Shot Recorder  - Corbin Halvorson & Matthew Heurung

The Lacrosse Shot Recorder determines the position and speed of a shot with a lacrosse ball using foam and rubber padding for protection and accelerometers for data inputs.                                                                      

Beat the Heat - Claire Hamilton & Sabrina Kase

Beat the Heat is a system that detects and alerts a parent if a child is forgotten in the car, protecting the child and offering peace of mind to parents.                                                              

HUN Robotic Hand System - Thomas Hinnenkamp, Alex Ulate & Chris Nguyen

The HUN Robotic Hand System is a robotic humanoid hand and a wearable controller that allows the robot to mimic the motions of the human hand. The human operator wears a glove controller that signals to the robot, allowing the robot to follow the motions of the human operator.                                      

The Life Defender - Rachel Holmgren & Tori Schrimpf

The Life Defender is a pill dispenser that automatically dispenses three types of pills at a set time every day. The user is able to set the pill quantity and dispense time.                                                                   

Mailox  - Patrick Kaiser & Saji Fernandez

Mailox is a wirelessly locking mailbox that is a cheaper and more user-friendly alternative to normal key and lock solutions.                                       

HeatPro -Logan Konze & Mitch Fox

The HeatPro is a heated GoPro case that aims to help solve cold weather problems with the device such as battery loss, memory loss, and more. It is a simple plug and play system that can be installed on your snowmobile in less than an hour.                              

Universal Heated Glove Liner - Gavin LeMay & Spencer Krech

The Universal Glove Liner is designated to fit into all gloves to keep your hands comfortable and warm. The electrical heater is controlled with buttons at the fingertips of the glove.                                                         

Mel Rolling Bucket - Isabel Lewis & Megan Mullen

The Mel Rolling Bucket is a water transportation system built for developing countries. It purifies water of e.coli using UV Radiation while also providing ease of transportation.                                                                  

Brake Light Sensor - Luke Lindsay & Collin Matzoll

The Brake Light Sensor warns the driver when their brake lights have gone out. The notification will be displayed on a device in the user's garage.

Pedal Power - Aidan Mahlberg & Jack Kocon

Pedal Power is an electrical generator designed to attach to a bicycle to capture energy while riding.                

Patio Pal - Carter Melsha & Jena Forseth

The Patio Pal awning senses the direction of sunlight and moves automatically to create the maximum amount of shade for you and your friends.                                                            

Diabetes Screening in Rural India - Andrew Roles & Matt Zastoupil

Diabetes Screening in Rural India is a redesign of the process and implementation of new technologies to make testing for diabetes more efficient at a lower cost.                                                                       

Spring Scale Fishing Rod Handle - Garrett Ruzichka & Simon Wicks

The Spring Scale Fishing Rod Handle is a fishing rod attachment that encorporates a spring scale to accurately weigh fish up to 15 pounds.

Automated Sorting Machine - Ben Schneider & Alex Holscher

The Automated Sorting Machine can detect differences between four boxes of varying size using light sensing technology. The boxes are sent down a ramp, sorted, and directed to a specific, predetermined section based on size.                                                                  

Trailer Backup Assist - Nate Schutz & Connor Lafeber

Tailor Backup Assist measures the distances between the back of your trailer and the objects behind it. The distances are then relayed back to the driver of the vehicle to  aid in safe and accurate steering.              

The Tiny Turbine - Alex Thayer & Matt Boston

The Tiny Turbine is a small turbine that generates electricity as water flows through the water main of a house.

Fall Victim Detection System - Will Thorne & Andrew Johnson

The Fall Victim Detection System utilizes Google's Tensorflow API Artificial Intelligence to detect a user's fall and send an alert for help.

The Lair - Chloe Wallwork & Lauren Scheneman

The Liar is a miniaturized version of a full-sized ladder for use an an residential or office setting. Through the use of a chair, this contracting device can create a full functioning, stable ladder for its user.                                                                 

Heated Fishing Pole Grip - Louis Dobbelmann & Ben Cran

The portable and adjustable Heated Fishing Pole Grip is a battery-powered device that slips on the handle of a fishing rod, heating the user's hands during cold weather fishing.



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Class of 2016 E3 Capstone Summaries  

Fingerprint Locker - Nick Schutz & Mason Schuler 

We created a school locker that can be accessed with a fingerprint instead of a combination lock. 

The Magic Cup - Christine Kleszyk & Hunter Lindquist 

We have created a thermos with a temperature sensor inside. This sensor reads a range of temperatures of the liquid inside, which then depending on that temperature range, turns an LED within the cup a certain color.  

Hefty Hauler - Alli Grodnick & Delaney Finn 

The Hefty Hauler is a motorized cart that can carry heavy objects so you don't have to. This automatic cart is controlled by the user in order to get your object where you want it to go. 

Focus Chair - Raffi Ferreira & Will Hamilton 

We created a chair is to help those with ADHD and Autism. The focus chair will help individuals stay focused and help with hyperactivity. This device can be used in a  school or home setting. 

Golf on the Go - Alex Proulx & Kourtney Shermoen 

Our design is an app that reflects a golf simulator without having to go to an actual indoor simulation. The club records a client’s ball position and force and calculates distance during the swing. This product is the perfect design for golfers to analyze their swing in the same manner as an indoor simulator without the extra time or expense.  

Solar Hydrogen Generator - Kyle Nickman & Alex Eisch 

We created a clean hydrogen gas generator that uses the power of the sun to generate the energy required to run our generator.  A battery and solar panel generate the energy and an ABS capsule with stainless steel plates on the inside generates the gas using a process known as hydrolysis.  This technology can be applied in many different fields such as hydrogen vehicles or hydrogen fuel cells and burns cleanly as combustion turns the gas back into water. 

Drywall Sander - Mathias Theisen & Andrew Eischeid 

The goal of our project is to create a universal sander mount that relieves the workload put in by contractors using sanders. Our sander mount is made to be affordable and easy to use for contractors.  

Heated Mirror - Lauryn Collins & Nick Gonzales 

We created a mirror that warms up using a heating wire attached to an arduino board. The purpose of the heating wire is to reduce the amount of condensation on the surface of the mirror. 

Winter Indoor/Outdoor Aquaponics Greenhouse System - Nick Jacob & Tommy Paal 

Our project contains an indoor 300 gallon fish tank that overflows out of a window through an electric water heater to an outdoor winter greenhouse. This greenhouse contains a solid waste removal filter, a compost heat generator, and rafts of plants floating in one foot of water. The water from the greenhouse is then pumped back through the window back to the fish tank.  

Concussion Detecting Helmet - Lewis Kidd & Connor Mullen 

We created a helmet that will help detect concussions during contact sports by measuring the acceleration of an impact. The use of this helmet will help decrease the severity of head trauma and long term damage.   

Float Safely - Sam Ruzynski & Nate Williams 

Our project is a small pontoon boat that can be controlled by your mobile device. It detects water depth, and will tell you whether the water is safe for your boat to travel through a channel without wrecking your hull or spinning your prop.  

The Rope Grenade - Luke Bonfe & Nick Holtan 

The Rope Grenade was designed to fasten a boat to a dock.  Instead of tying complicated knots to prevent the boat from floating away, our product provides a quick and easy way to hold the boat in place.  

Pulse Sensor Bracelet - Caitlyn Tigner & Abby Palma 

We created a bracelet that senses pulse readings and sends the information to an app on an iPhone via bluetooth.  

Acceleration Analysis Device - Michael O’Dea & Thomas Ellis 

Young track and field athletes often have biomechanical errors in their running technique during a sprint race. This device uses a flex sensor on the back of the athlete's knee to record the angle of the knee throughout the acceleration phase, plotting this data on a graph and revealing whether technical errors are present. This feedback will help athletes to correct errors in their running form, preventing injury and improving performance. 

Journey to the Edge of Space - Jens Rataczak 

Using a high-altitude weather balloon, a high definition camera will be lifted into the high stratosphere and capture images of the curvature of the earth. Additionally, the balloon's current location and altitude will be transmitted to a computer on the ground so that the path of the flight can be stored and tracked.  

Ice Fishing Livewell - Jake Sitarz & John Wander 

We created a livewell for ice fishing. Our design constantly circulates water to keep the fish alive and also prevents the water from freezing.  

Innovative Mailbox Security System - Adam Vettel & Daniel O’Dea 

This project was intended to improve the security of the average mailbox without making accessibility more difficult for the mail carrier or owner. This mailbox is made of polypropylene plastic and its automatic lock is triggered with a smartphone.  

Automatic Sun Reflector - Kyle Palermo 

When certain sensors and motors are activated, a tarp will roll over a parked car's windshield when it gets too hot outside. This will help preserve the lives of your leather seats and may even save the life of the pet you left in the car when unexpected weather conditions occur.  

The Chesk - Abbey Holscher & Rachel Mansun 

We have reinvented the student desk to accommodate for a larger work space, incorporating room for a laptop and school materials. Our "Chesk" includes two plexiglass surfaces that swivel in and out. These were attached to a chair that positions students at eye-level with the board, providing them with proper ergonomic structure.  

The Weather Window - Sam Olsen & Steven Frisbie 

We created a window that has the ability to be wirelessly shut or opened via bluetooth on your phone.   

Dorm Caddy - Miranda Nichols & Anna McGrath 

Our new and improved dorm caddy solves all inconveniences of using a communal bathroom. The caddy is large enough to fit all that is needed yet compact enough to easily transport and is especially sanitary. This dorm caddy will make college dorm life less stressful and more organized.  

Pinewood Derby Tracks Made Modern - Caroline Cotter & Claire Hill 

We redesigned the modern pinewood derby track to be more technologically advanced and easier to use. The track is compact, lightweight, and able to time each car automatically with precision and accuracy.  

Dog Health Harness - Hannah Gams & Emily Hagen 

We have designed a harness for dogs that will allow owners to monitor their dog's health while they cannot be with their pet.  The harness will measure the respiratory rate of the dog and alert the owner if it reaches an unhealthy level.  

The No Fidget Four Digit (Locker Opener) - Nicole Gagnon & Anna Kinnan 

This is a simple solution to students spending too much time trying to open their lockers. Rather than struggling with repeated errors, students will simply press a four digit combination and the locker will automatically unlock.  

Leak Detection and Direction System - Stephanie Stoup & Michaela Schmitz 

A pump in the ceiling of the school leaks water so we wanted to communicate any leakage to the maintenance crew. The leaking water is redirected to a drain in the ceiling and goes through a water flow sensor which detects any leaking water. We connected the sensor to a bluetooth device which receives a signal that water is leaking and transmits the information to an Android app that continuously updates the status of the pump.  

Class of 2017 E3 Capstone Summaries 

Duck Deterrent Device – James Challou & David Welle

The Duck Deterrent Device is a motion-sensing tow winch system that can be permanently put on a dock and left to autonomously keep ducks or other birds away. 

Stretcher Assist – Jeff Deisting & Anna Harlan

The Stretcher Assist is a collapsible ramp lets an EMT push a stretcher rather than carry up a small flight of stairs. This will limit the amount of back strength needed to move a patient from their location of injury to the ambulance. The Stretcher Assist was made with both the safety of the patient and the EMT in mind. 

Pillowcase Alarm Clock – Ian McCormack & Daniel Porwoll

Many people struggle with sleeping through their alarm clock. This also includes the deaf and hard of hearing, to whom auditory alarms are relatively useless. The Pillowcase Alarm Clock has a wirelessly controlled vibrational alarm system to solve this common issue. 

“PiPhrame” Cloud Connected Digital Photo Frame – Louis Barrett & Pierce Pachl

PiPhrame is a variant on today's fairly common digital picture frames. It allows the user to connect to the cloud and display pictures that are taken from their cloud account via Google Drive. 

Saving Lives through Cameras – Giles Koski & Luke Narog

This car system is an aftermarket sensor and camera system that can be installed universally to warn drivers of objects behind them. The backup camera has a compatible app that streams the video to a smart phone. 

The KIT: Temperature Regulated Insulin Bag – Ryan Jordan & Michael Pettijohn

The Temperature Regulated Insulin Bag is specifically constructed to carry insulin for diabetics. It is a bag that uses a peltier device, fans and portable ice packs to regulate the temperature of the medication and keep it from getting too warm or too cold. 

The New Chestament – Collin Erickson & Devon Rodgers

The New Chestament is a button-operated, electric-winch device for weightlifting designed to improve the safety and convenience of the most dangerous weight lifting exercises while opening the door to an activity that many self-conscious people shy away from. 

Tip-up Notification – Jaydon Johnson & Logan Sampica

This Tip Up Notification System is an ice-fishing tip-up that has been engineered to send notifications to the user through a smartphone app, thus allowing the user to monitor their lines while in the comfort of their ice-house. 

The Squirrel Trap – Nick Hadzima & Nick Scovil

The Squirrel Trap is a new design to traditional mechanical traps. It used super sensitive sensors and a whisper quiet trigger to ensure a more effective way to remove squirrels. 

Retractable Earbuds Box – Greg Drayton

The retractable earbuds box is designed to mechanically rewind and store earbuds quickly, neatly and efficiently without tangling the cord. 

The Kayak Gauge – Nick Kuharski & Shawn Przybilla

The Kayak Gauge is a device for a kayak that displays the kayaks traveling speed, total distance traveled and water temperature, giving the user important information about the conditions they are paddling in. 

The Pill Box – Dylan Dubuque & Ryan Hall

The Pill Box is an automated pill-dispensary system designed to eliminate the need to open a pill bottle every day. It works at the touch of a button and can store many different types of pills. 

Mobile Livewell – Ethan Tollefson & Jon Wallace

Mobile Livewell is a livewell for fish that is easily moved with an ATV, UTV, or car without the use of a boat or a trailer. It is meant to be used in remote areas or small bodies of water that boats cannot get into. Our designs of a tank that is able to circulate and oxygenate water and a hard sided steel roofing crate to protect the take and pumps. 

Rechargeable Mouse – Alan Kanayinkal & Paul Langsford

Rechargeable Mouse is a computer mouse that recharges itself during use through an inductive charging coil contained in a mouse pad. 

Automatic Flute Tuner – Carissa Burnes & Robert McManus

A flute is a highly complex instrument which is not always easy to tune. Automatic Flute Tuner accurately detects the pitch of the flute then autonomously changes the length of the flute, bringing it into perfect pitch. 

Golf Trainer – Adam Burk & Justin Mraz

Golf Trainer is a device that displays the projected distance of a golf shot. Our design also reports a reliability percentage based on how well the sensor measured the impulse of the club onto the ball. 

Autonomous Minicar – Michael Bonfe, Tommy Bredemus & Ben Jaeger

Autonomous Minicar is a self-driving small scale car that is able to maneuver around obstacles in front and around it. Our textbook size car can turn 360°, move backwards or forwards, or rotate without any human control. 

Long Jump Scratch Detector – Izzy Sommers & Megan Zurbay

The Long Jump Scratch Detector uses Lasers and sensors to automatically detect a scratch in the long jump. It can also be used as a training tool to see how badly you scratch or how far you were from scratching. 

Brake Safely – Daniel Forbord & Kieran Mueller

Brake Safely is a braking system for vehicles designed to alert motorists that the vehicle in front of them is breaking abruptly through a system of LEDs that light up and flash during hard deceleration. 

The Shoe Selector – Kevin Dado & Neal Duong

The Shoe Selector is an insole for a shoe that can help a consumer select the correct running shoe for their foot by giving the user feedback based off of the pressure readings at different areas of their foot while they run, and delivering that information to a smartphone app. 

Swing Analyzer – Ryan Cummings & Chris Ratajczak

The Swing Analyzer is a baseball bat that measures the acceleration of your swing and gives you feedback about your performance. 

Balancing Bot – Shannon Murphy & Christine Zielinski

The field of robotics requires many devices to adjust to their position. The Balancing Bot is a small board able to balance with assistance from an accelerometer and a gyroscope sensor that is designed for use as a two-wheeled balancing robot. 

The New-Matic Engine – Callan Grunwald & Jacob Huber

With the need to lessen our reliance on oil growing every day, the New-Matic Engine is designed as a replacement for combustion engines of all types. Our product is a 3D printed engine that runs completely on compressed air, eliminating the need for combustible fuel. 

The Darson Project – Joe Dols & Mike Larson

In today's society we are beginning to see the impact of drones in our military, our delivery system, and agriculture. The Darson Project is a quadcopter that can be flown remotely, and is able to be programmed to fly autonomously. 

Code Research Challenge – Louis Burton & Reid Olson

Snake and Pong, two famous video games, were created using the program language pygame and python. 

Nirvana – Hlina Araya & Anne Mitchell

Nirvana is a therapy device for people who suffer from anxiety. Our device uses sensors to determine when anxiety levels are high and produces music rhythms through vibrations on the wrist to help calm a person down. 

Thermoelectric Cooler – Leo Lewis & Will Rog

The Thermoelectric Cooler is a small portable refrigerator that uses a battery, peltier device and fans to cool the contents without ice or refrigerant. 

Kicks for Cleats – Arianna Del Moral & Marie Metz

Soccer players aren’t receiving the proper feedback when they are kicking a soccer ball while practicing their shots. Kick for Cleats helps solve this problem by allowing soccer players to receive instant feedback by telling the user the location and the acceleration of how fast their foot is moving during a kick. This instant feedback will allow players to improve their shots and skills. 

Kangaroo Kradle – Lily Conforti & Skyler Paquin

Kangaroo Kradle is an incubator insert for premature babies that simulates being in the womb by producing the mother's heartbeat through vibrations the baby can feel through their bones. It provides a familiar environment for preemies so they can properly develop outside the womb. 

The Jeep Extension – Jacob Beltman & Sam Smith

The Jeep Extension is an expansion for the small cargo space available in the trunk of a Jeep Wrangler that both maximizes cargo area and is easy to drive with. It is made of steel plates and square tubes that are welded together and a canvas cover for the extension to protect it from the elements.


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