Totino-Grace High School Introduces Exciting Partnership with ETS Performance

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Totino-Grace High School is pleased to announce a new partnership with ETS Performance for training services for TG students and community members and as the site for their North Central location.

ETS provides performance training for all TG students, athletes, and teams committed to maximizing their genetic physical and psychological potential throughout the school year. Programming is tailored and tweaked based on the athlete's or team's specific goals, needs and schedule.  
ETS North Central at TG also runs Total Performance Camps for any athlete of any sport entering grades 6 - 8. These opportunities focus on ability specific speed, strength, energy system development, and injury prevention and are a great addition for both off-season and in-season athletes. 
The ETS Performance team provides customized training programs geared towards maximizing speed, strength, power, deceleration, energy system development, and injury prevention through movement mastery. It is crucial for every athlete to develop basic fundamental athletic movements, strength techniques, and deceleration protocols through a specific ability appropriate plan in order to truly maximize their potential. Every athlete trained by ETS professionals will experience an unmatched training atmosphere focused on delivering next-level performance results and equally focused on character development and accountability.
Our team of experienced professionals have gone through extensive training in order to assess and implement the ETS training methodology geared towards maximizing each athlete's potential. The ETS training systems have been created through years of extensive research by combining unique ETS methods and philosophies with specific synergistic components from other world-renowned performance specialists. Our training systems are customized and tailored based on the goals and needs of the athlete or client and deliver unmatched results regardless of age, sport or ability level.   


From ETS North Central Director of Performance, Sylvia Braaten:
"ETS couldn't be more excited to partner with TG and implement the ETS training method with all students, athletes, and teams to not only maximize athletic performance and potential, but also to help instill character traits that will serve each athlete well in life beyond TG. Our approach to training yields discipline, work ethic, a growth mindset and a commitment to excellence." 

From Totino-Grace Athletic Director, Mike Smith:
"After researching several local training options, ETS stood out to be the best partner for our community. Their experience, professionalism, and vision will be a great match to create a partnership that will hopefully last for many, many years in our school's on site fitness center. The unique partnership that is being created between ETS and TG is unfolding into a really exciting one for everyone. They bring experience, expertise, and motivation and we provide an excellent facility and outstanding, motivated athletes! Between Ryan and Sylvia, the Totino-Grace community -- and all others training in our facility -- will be in excellent hands!"


Totino-Grace North Central ETS Contact

Sylvia Braaten, Director of Performance
ETS Sports Performance
ETS North Central
763-586-6330 ext.782
262-994-4472 (c)


Fall Total Performance Camp

ETS North Central at Totino-Grace will be running a 10 week Total Performance Camp starting September 4. The ETS Total Performance Camp is an ability specific speed, strength, energy system development and injury prevention camp geared towards any athlete of any sport entering grades 6 through 8. This camp is great for both off-season and in-season athletes. Each athlete's program will be tailored and tweaked based on their specific goals, needs, and schedule.
Each ETS athlete will have the flexibility to attend 2-3 sessions per week.
Training days and times can vary depending on the athlete's schedule.
Click HERE for details and register as soon as possible as spots are limited to only 25 athletes!
The first 10 spots filled will receive:
  • $50 OFF - (Pay Only $249 Today)
  • FREE ETS Dryfit Shirt
  • FREE ETS Workout Bag
  • Chance to win a FREE Adam Thielen Autographed Jersey
  • Chance to win TWO Minnesota Vikings Tickets


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